FUxCon 2013

BDD with four
web frameworks

In this workshop I gave an overview of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with the PHP tools Behat and Mink. The workpiece is a simple portfolio site which I have implemented
on the four platforms CakePHP, Django, Drupal, and Symfony
with an identical set of features.

Watch presentation (German)     Install virtual machine

Behavior Specification

Why this project? BDD closes the gap between the agile requirements definition using user stories on the one hand and test-driven software development on the other hand. more …


Although this is a small project by any measure, we cover a surprisingly wide range of topics and provide a description plus code for each: Installation, configuration, models, controllers, views, accounts & security, tagging, picture uploads & scaling, CRUD & forms, text formatting in teasers and with markdown, and generating test data.


… is awesome, because it makes building web applications simpler, faster, and require less code. Often needed components are built right in: Translation, database access, caching, form validation, authentication. more …


… is awesome, because it makes it easier to build better web apps more quickly and with less code. more …


… is awesome, because it is used on millions of websites, is supported by an active and diverse community, and is used for private weblogs as well as for enterprise applications. more …


… is awesome, because it accelerates building and maintaining PHP web applications. It replaces repetitive programming tasks with power, control, and fun. more …

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